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LIMENCAPITAL has been founded with the goal to


buy one outstanding small business, take over the management and commit fully to its further development.


We care deeply about your success as well as the success of your employees and clients. We have a long-term investment horizon, and together with your employees, we want to achieve the full potential of your company.

Go Team

We are looking for a small profitable company

to invest all necessary resources and efforts into.


  • Strong positive cash-flow

  • Profitable for the past three years (3 - 30 million CZK yearly)

  • EBITDA margin 15%+ 

  • Low CAPEX needed


  • Stable and broad customer base.

  • Dedicated employees

  • Outstanding reputation

  • Operating in a growing industry


  • Simple ownership structure

  • Intention to sell a majority stake

  • The intention of owners to step out from management roles

  • The desire to see the company grow

  • Simple business model


Our team

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Petr Hejtmánek - Director

Peter's last engagement was a financial manager role in a software company where he was tasked with overseeing the overall financial agenda of four group companies (in three countries, CZ, US, UK) and with coordination of legal processes. Before that, Peter worked as a management consultant in the KPMG Czech Republic. Throughout the five years in this role, Peter has participated on projects covering a broad range of industries and functions starting from finance, over manufacturing, logistics to strategic topics such as long-term planning and strategy formulation.

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Karin Konstantinovová - Advisory board member

Partner - Law firm

Karin Konstantinovová is the Founder and Managing Partner of the TEMPUS law firm. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague and lists among the local leading professionals in labor and employment and corporate law, personal data protection and the insurance field. Prior to founding TEMPUS, Karin was an attorney and partner in the Prague offices of a number of leading international law firms.

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Martin Regeczy - Advisory board member

Independent consultant

Martin who is currently pursuing a career of independent consultant has previously worked in companies such as KPMG and McKinsey & Company as a financial expert where he was mostly involved with M&A transactions end-to-end responsibilities. He currently also leads his own project within the food industry.

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Continuously looking for ...

... partners, advisors, investors.

Our process

Company sale and acquisition is a complex process usually taking 4 to 6 months or longer in case of any specific difficulties. After the actual sale of the company, another period of handover activities begins. This process involves both the previous and new owners and is structured to support the long-term continuity of the company and smooth transition to new management.


1. Initial contact

We are looking for you but there is a lot to go through. Do not hesitate to get in touch first.

2. Exchange of basic information

When we identify a good looking opportunity, we first try to exchange basic information. You help us take a look on basic numbers, profitability, and future market potential. The industry norm is to sign a non-disclosure agreement at this stage for you to make sure no sensitive information leaks to any 3rd party. 

3. Letter of intent

In case your company is a good fit for our needs we will hold series of meetings and further information exchanges with the aim to get enough information to provide you with non-binding transaction proposal called Letter of intent. Letter of intent would include a potential price range for your company and other critical information.

4. Due diligence

In case you are comfortable with the conditions outlined in the Letter of intent, we will deep dive into your company's documents and carry out due diligence in financial and legal areas of your company. We will focus on aspects which will influence the performance of the company in the future. The results of the due diligence will impact the final commercial offer and proposed contract.

5. Commercial offer

We will provide you with a commercial offer based on the results of due diligence.

6. Contracting

Successful execution of transaction agreements is a result of intensive engagement of both the seller and buyer, together with any potential banks participating in the transaction. Legal representatives of seller and buyer must be tasked to find ways to incorporate the needs of both parties but at the same time not to insist on minor areas which might, in the end, break the deal.

7. Company handover

After successful execution of the agreement, the seller and the buyer will for another 6 to 12 months cooperate on the handover of the company to ensure a successful continuity of the business. The intensity of the cooperation can range from the day-to-day presence of the seller in the company to several phone calls a month and fades gradually over time.


Ask a question or just get in touch

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